Powoli same kurwy i pedaly

Discussion in 'Polski (Polish)' started by Russianer, May 16, 2014.

  1. Russianer Senior Member

    Russia,St.-Petersburg City.
    Russian language- Russia.
    A phrase "Powoli same kurwy i pedaly."

    Нow to translate it?
    Maybe "free bitch and pedals(?)" (??)
  2. jasio Senior Member

    For me it looks like a fragment, so a context would be helpful to make a good translation. The phrase is very vulgar, so don't say it to your granny ;)

    "Kurwa" may indeed be translated as a "bitch", but in fact I would use something stronger. A dictionary meaning of "pedał" is indeed a 'pedal', but colloquially it means a male homosexual, so perhaps a 'faggot' would do? Definitely, not a 'gay', since the Polish word is offending.

    So I would say something like 'slowly only whores and faggots'. But please note that as a foreigner not living in an English speaking country I don't have a good grasp of vulgarisms in English.
  3. sonorous Banned

    I agree with jasio.
    It can be said by a troglodyte (unfortunately, there's a multum of them in Poland) who is looking at some people slowly gatheting to take part in an equality parade.
  4. jasio Senior Member

    Or complaining on a world going to the dogs. :)
  5. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    You can translate this utterance word for word, but it is not possible to find out what the meaning was without a context. Anyway the text is very vulgar and offensive.
  6. Polilotte Senior Member

    Polish - Warsaw, Poland
    Whores (if you mean prostitutes) & faggots (a little outdated); another word woud be "queer" (that's offensive enough)
    "Bitch" can be used in reference to an unpleasant, nasty woman.
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  7. Fuxia83 New Member

    Powoli - means slowly
    then we have "prostitutes" and "faggots", this sentence has no sense at all. I don't actually know what the person who said that actually meant.
  8. vpprof Member

    I think the context might've been something like: "Slowly this place is turning into a collection of bitches and faggots" but it's difficult to say that with much certainty.

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