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    Field and topic: ¡Sigo trabajando en mi lista! Classification list.

    Sample sentence: Poxviruses (all types except Alastrim, Smallpox and Whitepox.
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    chicken pox
    cow pox
    smallpox (one word)

    Perhaps if you put a space between pox and viruses you will get more help. Good luck!
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    poxvirus(pox·vi·rus) (poks´vi-rəs) any virus belonging to the family Poxviridae.

    Poxviridae(Pox·vi·ri·dae) (poks”vir´ĭ-de) the poxviruses: a family of DNA viruses having a brick-shaped or ovoid virion 220–450 × 140–260 nm consisting of an envelope containing lipid and tubular or globular protein structures surrounding a DNA-containing core and one or two lateral bodies. The genome consists of a single molecule of double-stranded DNA (size 130–375 kbp). Viruses contain over 100 proteins; some are ether-resistant while others are ether-sensitive. Replication and assembly occur in the cytoplasm; virions are released by cell destruction or budding. Host range is narrow and transmission is by fomites, airborne particles, arthropod vectors, or contact. There are two subfamilies: Chordopoxvirinae (poxviruses of vertebrates) and Entomopoxvirinae (poxviruses of insects).

    pox (pox) (poks) [variant of pocks, from A.S. pocc pustule, spot] 1. any eruptive or pustular disease, especially one caused by a virus; see specific entries: chickenpox, cowpox, horsepox, rabbitpox, etc. 2. former name for syphilis.

    Fuente: Dorlands Medical Dictionary.
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    Hola Angela.

    He encontrado esto para ti:
    El género de los poxvirus comprende entre otros los virus de la viruela (smallpox), vacuna (vaccinia), viruela de la vaca (cowpox), del mono (monkeypox), tanapox y yaba. Son un grupo de virus que infectan tanto al hombre como a los animales inferiores y causan unas lesiones cutáneas vesiculares características, denominadas pústulas. (fuente)​
    Como ves, este "poxvirus" puede dejarse sin traducir.

    En cuanto a "whitepox"... aquí nos indican que es uno de los nombres regionales para este tipo de viruela lmenor (leve). En PR le decimos "viruelas bobas o viruelas locas".
    variola*(va·ri·o·la) (v?-ri´o-l?) [L.] smallpox.
    v. caprina - goatpox.
    v. haemorhagica - hemorrhagic smallpox.
    v. major - the classic severe form of smallpox (q.v.); its mortality rate is 20 to 50 per cent. Cf. v. minor.
    v. minor - a mild form of smallpox (q.v.), found only in certain regions, such as South America and West Africa; it has a much lower mortality rate (1 to 2 per cent) than variola major. It has many synonyms and local names, including alastrim, cottonpox, Cuban itch, milkpox, and whitepox.​
    Como ves, "alastrim" también es una variante regional del nombre... veamos si la consigo u otra persona nos la puede aportar.

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