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    Hello, I'm translating a passage that refers to the building of a tower block. A description of the site shows:

    pelos de hierro del encofrado de una de las zapatas abiertas en el pozo a la espera del hormigón.

    I'm in some doubt about all these terms - does anyone have specialist knowledge who could help me with English versions? Specifically, should the 'pozo' be a 'well', a 'shaft', a 'pit'? I think zapata is a 'footing'. Encofrado seems to be 'formwork' or 'shuttering' - but I am not at all familiar with these words in English.

    I'd be grateful for any advice!
  2. LaloMx New Member

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    Hi Chatto,

    "Pozo" is an "excavation pit", and exactly, "zapata" is "footing" (that is part of the foundation) and "encofrado" is "formwork"... good.

  3. Chatto Senior Member

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    Thanks so much LaloMx - that really is very helpful!

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