précaution d'éloignement


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In the following context

Does this mean: "Removal of precautions...."


Les denrées alimentaires

Des précautions d'éloignement doivent être prises entre les denrées alimentaires et :

- les marchandises dangereuses des classes 6.1 (toxiques) et 6.2 (infectieux)

This is my attempt:


Removal of precautions that must be taken between food and:

- Dangerous goods of Classes 6.1 (toxic substances) and 6.2 (infectious substances)

Please let me know :)

  • ain'ttranslationfun?

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    I see it as meaning "Precautions must be taken to keep foodstuffs away from/apart from/separate(d) from:
    - Dangerous goods/substances/merchandise of Class 1 (toxic substances) and Class 2 (infectious substances)."
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