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    Hey all,

    I'm new to the Portuguese forum, but I was wondering, can anyone tell me the difference between 'prédio' and 'edifício'?
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    I think they are almost perfect synonyms, but while all "edifícios" are "prédios", not all "prédios" are "edifícios". "Prédio" is a more general word, it can be tall or short. "Edifícios" are usually tall.

    THis is my personal take on this.
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    Welcome to the portuguese forum, Killerboi!

    Both words mean the same.
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    Obrigado :)
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    In common language, generally both words are used to refer to buildings, especially multi-story buildings. However, technically speaking, "prédio" may mean both land or building. Here in Portugal, in legal language, "prédio rural" refers to a plot of land and "prédio urbano" refers to any kind of building (houses, apartment buildings, etc).
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    They are synonyms, but we can observe a pattern in its use. For instance, the building's "name" has never prédio on it, only edifício: "Edifício São Pedro", never "Prédio São Pedro" (as an official name). And prédio is used as much as edifício for reference, like in: "Aquele prédio / Aquele edifício" (That building).

    At least in Brazil.

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