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What does "PR Pitch" mean please?

  • The Mail app doesn’t have the power I need for sorting PR pitches and working with attachments, but it’s fine for quickly swapping messages. I could also get by with an iPad for writing and editing. source: MacWord/Nov. 2014/P 70

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    PR = public relations

    pitch = (from the WR dictionary) sales talk, often one in which the salesperson tries to convince the buyer of the need for his or her product: He began his sales pitch for the condominiums.


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    PR is short for "public relations," and a pitch, in this context, means "an initial proposal." Sales pitch is considerably more common than PR pitch, but the general idea is the same, and that's that the person is talking about the need to keep proposals from PR people sorted efficiently.

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    A pitch is a persuasive sales talk, and PR is public relations. The author is complaining about long documents that promote oneself or one's company.

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