Practical concerns

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    What does it mean by practical concerns?

    For example, an experiment that would raise concerns is genetically engineering mice to produce human sperm and mice. Most people would find that problematic, but those uses are bizarre and not , to the best of my knowledge, anything that anybody is remotly contemplating. Most uses of chimeras are actually much more relevant to practical concerns.
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    It means ones that are more related to every-day life, like let's say you were an inventor....

    Inventing for practical concerns would be, to make snow and ice disappear off the roads so they aren't slippy, create a way to wash your clothes quicker, these are practical concerns..

    If the inventor wanted to make devices to make the grass change colour or how to dance on the moon, these would be unpractical.

    'Practical' just means relevant to people / to everyday life / to a specific situation (when a specific situation isn't defined it usually means everyday life, that's what I mean to say).
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    I think "practical concerns" would refer to something more immediately useful and implementable, like chimeras for organ transplantations or other medical purposes or, say, bacteria to process hazardous wastes or create biofuels.

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