practise what you preach

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  1. LouisQuatorze Senior Member

    Iran, Farsi
    i noticed that there was already a thread on this but it was in a negative sense

    i wanted to say, but if you profess this liberty, you should practise what you preach

    mais si on professe cette liberte, on devrait... quoi lol
  2. polaire Senior Member

    English, United States
    Well, it's always kind of negative. It's usually addressed to someone who is thought to be acting hypocritically.
  3. LouisQuatorze Senior Member

    Iran, Farsi
    it's not always negative
    it isn't in that sentence
  4. Mirou

    Mirou Member

    Canada - Français
    An expression currently used is "prêcher par l'exemple"
  5. Mlle Juju Member

    Canada French
    I would say " vous devriez mettre en pratique ce que vous prônez".
  6. quoi29

    quoi29 Senior Member

    US, English
    But I live in the greatest country in the world! We don't have to practice what we preach. That's weak. Wait, you say you didn't mention the US? Well, ok then.


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