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Can anyone help me with the following:

Praliné noisette 70%
Praliné amande 70%

I have seen other posts on here and googled this but I still can't work out if this is simply hazelnut or almond praline or something else. Is 'praliné' praline?

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    Where does it say it's a chocolat bonbon?
    First result on Google is a bad bag of "praliné" with 70% hazelnut and 30% sugar.
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    I tend to agree with JCK (except it could be du praliné, a paste and not chocolate bonbons).
    70% hazelnut and 30% sugar are the ingredients of pralin, not praliné.

    TLFi, praliné

    III. − Subst. masc., CONFIS., PÂTISS. Pâtisserie qui contient de la crème pralinée; bonbon au sucre ou au chocolat, formé de pralin. (Dict. xixe et xxe s.).
    I. − Adjectif "Qui est fourré ou préparé avec du pralin ou des pralines finement pilées
    Pralin : "CONFIS., PÂTISS. Préparation à base d'amandes grillées et de sucre cuit, ou de pralines pilées, qui sert à fourrer ou enrober des gâteaux ou des bonbons."

    Praline - Wikipedia :
    The powder made by grinding up such caramel-coated nuts is called pralin, and is an ingredient in many cakes, pastries, and ice creams. After this powder has been mixed with chocolate, it becomes praliné in French, which gave birth to what is known in French as chocolat praliné. The word praliné is used colloquially in France and Switzerland to refer to these, known simply as "chocolates" in English, i.e. various centres coated with chocolate.
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