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Can I ask someone: 'Which sports do you practise?'
Can he answer me: 'I parctise many sports' (je pratique plusieurs sport)?
Can I say for example I practise gymnastics, aqua-gym and swimming.? (gymnastique, aqua-gym et natation).

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    Il y a une différence en anglais entre "sports" et "exercising."

    What sports do you play? (foot, rugby, basket. etc.)— I play several sports: x, y, z
    What kind of exercising do you do?
    — I do gymnastics and aquagym exercises and I swim.


    Bonjour à tous,

    J'ai le sentiment que la question que je m'apprête à poser risque d'être supprimée, mais il s'avère que je n'arrive pas à obtenir une réponse certaine au sujet de l'expression "to practise (a) sport". N'est-ce pas un calque sur le français? "do (a) sport" ou "play (a) sport" sont-elles plus correctes?

    Merci d'avance


    Hi guys,

    There are many threads already around this subject but answers are all spread over so i would like to clarify everything in on thread only if possible... thanks :)

    In french we can say "pratiquer un sport" and we can use this same verb for every kind of sport i believe, pratiquer le tennis, pratiquer le surf, pratiquer l'athlétisme, whatever. I am not sure there is an equivalent in english, and according to what i heard, the verbe "to practice" is not really fine... So my first question is: is it really wrong to use this verbe or is it only unusual and weird but fine?
    I practice tennis, i practice surf,

    Second, I think that in english there are several verbs for that depending on the sport: to play, to go, to do, to make ( i am not sure about the last one)

    -i play football
    -i go skydiving
    -i do sport/i play sport
    i go swimming

    Is there any example with "make"???

    Last, as a french native speaker, if you tell me "i go swimming", i understand that you are on your way to go there. What is your understanding, as english native, of this sentence? do you immediately understand that it is a usual practice? Of course, if there is any additional context such as "i go swimming every sunday" i understand this is a usual practice, but what if the sentence is alone?

    Thanks for your help guys!

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    So my first question is: is it really wrong to use this verb or is it only unusual and weird but fine?
    I practice tennis, i practice surf
    In AE, it is wrong to say I practice tennis for je pratique le tennis.
    We would say I play tennis.
    Je pratique le surf = I surf.
    We play or do sports.

    Practice means to perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one's proficiency. (Dict.)
    You can practice your serve or practice your backhand.
    You can go to soccer practice (a training session for the soccer team).

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    Hi Language Hound,
    Thank you for your reply, i didn't know about the rule but agree with you, i will repost this question in the english only.


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