1. bighotrod New Member

    united states english
    i cannot find in an english dictionary or a french to english web site the proper spelling for the expression (these both might be incorrect) "pres-tell" or "pre-tell", as in: what, pray tell, were you doing last night?
  2. fleuriste-du-mal Senior Member

    US - English
    Pray as in "I pray you" which we used to say and of course the French still do : "je t'en prie"

    Basically a shortening of "I pray you, do tell"
  3. Jominare Senior Member

    Salut ! Qu'est-ce que veut dire ce groupe de mots ? Voilà le contexte :

    Traduction : Hein, je t'en prie, qu'y a-t-il d'électronique là-dedans ?

    Merci !
  4. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)
    En effet, c'est ça.

    Vu la vétusté de cette expression shakepearienne, il y a sans doute un chouia d'ironie.
  5. Jominare Senior Member

    OK, thanks!

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