pre-paid phone

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Do you know what is a pre-paid phone and what is a pre-pay ?

During a police inquiry, an inspector is trying to find who called the victim :

We're still running that down, but the number is a pre-pay.

And later, when he found the caller :

When you buy a pre-paid phone, don't use your credit card. Makes it totally traceable.
  • Lotuselisa

    Senior Member
    Je crois que c'est un portable sans contrat. Tu achetes les unités au bar tabac (entre autre ) et tu recharges ton téléphone.
    En GB, ils appellent les "pay as you go".
    I found it myself like a big girl (thanks to internet) : a pre-paid phone is a "téléphone sans abonnement".

    A "Téléphone sans contrat" is the same idea.

    You put me on the right track so thank you very much, Lotuselisa !

    Keith Bradford

    Senior Member
    English (Midlands UK)
    The link with the detectives is this: for most phone calls, the phone company has to keep a record of the call (time and distance) in order to send a bill later. However, with pre-paid calls this is not necessary, so they are harder to trace.
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