Pre-sale buy-in is reportedly steep

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I would like to ask you the meaning of the phrase "Pre-sale buy-in is reportedly steep", below is the context:

"Pevious reports indicated that the encrypted messaging services had set a target of $1.2 billion, although it wasn’t entirely clear if that also referred to the private sale.

Pre-sale buy-in is reportedly steep, with a minimum investment of $20 million being floated".

The sentence above is from an article on the "" (sorry for not having a link cause

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P/S: Actually I understand what "steep" means ((of a price or amount) too high;
exorbitant:) but I don't get the meaning of the whole phrase :(
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    I read "pre-sale" as a private sale, before it is offered for public sale.
    "buy-in" is the price to become an owner or member of something.
    "steep" means very expensive, not too expensive (or no one would buy).
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