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    Hi! I saw the word "preamediatizatelor" in an editorial in the jurnalul dot ro webpage and am having trouble understanding. The complete sentence is "Niscaiva semne am desluşit, totuşi, şi cine urmăreşte derularea preamediatizatelor procese penale nu mai are nicio nedumerire."

    The first person who translated it suggested "mediatized" but I don't know if that really works. Their full translation was "... and if you watch how the over mediatized criminal lawsuits unfold..."

    Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you for any help!
  2. int New Member

    My take on the sentence would be slightly different: "[...] and if one follows the unfolding of the over-mediatized criminal lawsuits [...]", but essentially, the English equivalent for preamediatizatelor would pretty much be over-mediatized indeed.
  3. farscape mod-errare humanum est

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    I agree with the meaning: "prea mediatizate" where the verb "a mediatiza" is rather new to me (most likely a French import), meaning to publicise/broadcast in (mass) media.

    As for the English verb "to mediatize" the dictionaries show a different meaning than the one given above.

    Bottom line: preamediatizate -> prea mediatizate -> a term coined by/for the journalists meaning overly publicised/broadcast in the mass media.

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    Thank you both! I think over publicized is the best option, because it would be more common than over mediatized and so more clear.

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