"precious daughter", "girl from a rich or powerful family"

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    Hello everybody,

    My friend's writing a light novel (not in Portugese, but just some conversations or appellations might be in Portuguese), and one of the main characters is a girl from a very rich and powerful family, or even a noble family, as he told me. The mother of this girl is a Portuguese. However, he's stucked by the Portuguese expression of "a girl from a rich, powerful, or a noble family", or " a girl who is precious for her parents", who might be indulged by her parents, and thus, could be a little bit weak at depending or even living on her own. She might have a temper, or be capricious once in a while, but she's also very polite and has good manners, since she's very well educated by her family.

    My question is, in Portuguese, is there a simple word or a phrase that can express this kind of girl? Please note that she's not exactly a princess.

    From the WordReference dictionnary, what I found is "querida" or "preciosa", but I don't think these two words are precise enough... one more thing, we actually don't understand Portuguese at all, so we don't know how to change the plural. and the femin. of a noun/adj.

    We'll appreciate very much for your help!!! Thanks!!

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    For Brazilians the expression "filhinha do papai" would comprise all these meanings: rich, spoiled, capricious, and so on. Now let's wait for the other side of the pond.
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    wow, many thanks for your rapide response!! actually the girl in the novel is quite a nice girl, I mean her general characters and personalities, but I'm sure the expression you told me will 100% suit a certain conversation in the novel!

    Thank you very much again!!

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    Patricinha could be used to, but this is more when you want to say that the girl use expensive clothes, she is always wirth her hair perfect brush.
    But filhinha de papai is better.
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    Many thanks again! But I think my friend really need an expression, or a group of adj. which can also show her nobleness, nobility, pride or even her arrangance.

    Once again, thank you very much for your help! :)
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    If he were writing his novel some 200 years ago (or if it is set in that time period), the word fidalga *might* work. It describes her nobility, pride and arrogance, but in a non-offensive way. Comments, anyone?

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