Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints

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  1. THESPY New Member

    This line is psalm 116:15. I looked up a Russian bible site and found this "Дорога в очах Господних смерть святых Его!" What exactly does the tranlated text read? This is for a tattoo in memory of my late grandmother that was Russian, and want to be sure that I get want I want. Thank you
  2. ExMax Senior Member

    Do you have doubt that Russian version of the Bible can have different meaning from English version? The meaning of the phrase is the same; God deems the death of his saints as the valuable event.
  3. Q-cumber

    Q-cumber Senior Member

    The word "дорога" might be somewhat misleading in the context. Its meaning changes depending on the postion of the stress.
    Дорога means "a road", "a way"
    Дорога precious, valuable, costly, expensive and so on.

    "Дорога в очах Господних..." means exactly "Precious in the sight of the Lord..."
  4. Slavianophil Senior Member

    I would recommend to write this verse in Church Slavonic, and not in Russian: "Честна предъ Господемъ смерть преподобныхъ Его." It is in this form that we hear it in church, during services. And it is used quite often, for example, as a Prokeimenon (a verse read before Gospel lessons).

    In fact, as all the services in the Russian Orthodox Church are celebrated in Church Slavonic, we often use some popular Biblical quotations in their Slavonic (or, sometimes, mixed - Russian-Slavonic) form. They sound more beautiful in Slavonic.

    Indeed, it is in your posting that I came across this phrase in Russian, although I often heard it in church in Slavonic.

    I would also advise you to write it down in the traditional Slavonic script that is much more beautiful. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to install a Slavonic script.

    But here is a link to the Psalter in Church Slavonic:

    Psalm 115 is at page 104. I hope you will manage to find the Psalm and the verse.
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  5. THESPY New Member

    Wow thanks for all the there different font types?
  6. Slavianophil Senior Member

    I am very stupid about fonts and computer things in general. If you did not manage to read the Church Slavonic phrase in my previous posting, I am typing it again: "Честна предъ Господемъ смерть преподобныхъ Его". But this is a Slavonic sentence spelt in Modern Russian script, although according to the rules that existed before 1918.

    I should have written it in normal Slavonic characters (like you see in the Psalter to which I posted a link), but I haven't managed to install Church Slavonic fonts and, in any case, I am not sure that you would be able to see them on your computer.
  7. THESPY New Member

    Is there anyway you could email or pm me an image of the words in traditional slavonic script? maybe take a phot of it or a screen shot once you install the fonts. Thank you so much for helping me.
  8. THESPY New Member

    Part of it was that I thought maybe it lost its meaning in translation like other things tend to do.
  9. Slavianophil Senior Member


    Try this web site

    Or this one

    If you can read Russian, this would be very helpful, I think:

    And you can find the exact phrase in a Slavonic Psalter, e.g., at the link, that I posted - at p. 104. The psalms and the verses are marked with modern (Arabic) figures.
  10. THESPY New Member

    The text in read is diplayed on my computer. Being that Slavonphil, will be busy can anyone else help me by posting the same verse in a Church Slavonic font? Thank you

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