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    Passive movement: moved by the physiotherapist or by the patient (using their other arm). No active muscle contraction from the patient occurs during this movement of the fracture segment. Where possible, the precise nature of the intervention (direction of movement, i.e. flexion/ extension or pronation/ supination, or both; the type of exercise and its intensity, frequency and duration).
    As you can see the last phrase of the paragraph doesn't contain any verb. So what could be meant by "Where possible, the precise nature of the intervention"?Does it refer to "determining the precise nature of the intervention"?
    Source: Rehabilitation Assessment - HI
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    It is plain wrong, so it is hard to guess what the verb should be, in fact it looks like a whole phrase is missing.
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    I guess it might mean where possible the intervention should be "precise", i.e. move in the same direction, with stable frequency etc., so do not just move here and there at random

    That's how I would have to understand this in the absence of any other clues

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