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    Hi every one,

    I would like to ask you the meaning of "precise nature" here.

    Such systematic project performance monitoring and evaluation system indicates: (a) the effectiveness of Project implementation activities, including (i) the precise nature, timeliness, cost and quality of physical infrastructure implemented in the Project....

    This sentence is derived from a document named Memorandum of Understanding of Asian Development Bank.

    I don't know what "precise nature" means. I guess it means "preciseness" but it sounds unreasonable.

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    It means you have to say exactly (precisely) what the (nature of the) physical infrastructure is. If the project includes building a bridge, you have to say what kind of bridge it is, how long it is, how wide it is, what materials it's made of, and so on.
  3. Jin akashini Senior Member

    I see, thanks :thumbsup:

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