precordio normodinámico a la palpación


Hola a todos!
No he logrado, realmente, encontrar este término en inglés.

Esta es toda la frase, de una historia clínica:

Tórax: sin deformidades, simétrico, precordio normodinámico a la palpación, auscultación pulmonar y cardíaca normales.

Mi traducción es:
Thorax: without deformities, symmetric, normodynamic precordium on palpation, normal pulmonary and cardiac auscultation.

No estoy del todo seguro que ese sea la palabra correcta en inglés. Gracias por corregir!!!
  • EricEnfermero

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    While it would probably be understood, I don't commonly see "normodynamic" in English-language medical documentation. My search results for that term are mostly linked to sites translated from other languages (which tells me it might not be the best choice). I have occasionally seen "adynamic precordium" but it still seems rare. (The opposite of this finding, hyperdynamic precordium, is a widely accepted medical term - at least in the U.S. neonatal intensive care unit where I work with lots of cardiac babies.)

    In this case, I would probably just say "normal precordial activity on palpation."


    Thank so much for your point of view. I think your translation is quite accurate. Thanks again!