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  1. Ziltoid New Member

    Español, Chile
    "Effect of preemptive and preventive acetaminophen on postoperative pain socres"

    Estimados, hoy me encuentro con la siguiente duda:
    Mi intento para "preemptive acetaminophen" : ¿Acetaminofeno sustitutivo?

    ¡Muchas gracias de antemano!
  2. EvanWilliams

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    Finally!!!! An anesthesia question!!!! :)
    Preventivo would work for preemptive and preventive.

    So, I would say "acetiminofeno preventivo".
  3. Bill Osler

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    Do the anesthesiologists usually draw a distinction between preemptive use (prior to any of the surgical procedure) vs preventive use (prior to closing the wound and ending the anesthesia)?
    I hope I those definitions straight. I had to do a search on the terms to clarify them since the use of "preemptive" in this case is a bit unusual.
  4. Ziltoid New Member

    Español, Chile
    Thanks for your help guys.. But I'm still confusing, how can I distinguish between both with different spanish terms?
    Thanks in advance!
  5. EvanWilliams

    EvanWilliams Senior Member

    North Texas- US of A
    The people who do research and write articles probably have some tighter definitions. I am a simple gas jockey nurse anesthetist.

    In anesthesia the term "preemptive analgesia" is used sometimes. The mechanism is "preventing nociception".
    So we achieve preemptive analgesia by preventing nociception or nociceptor activation.
    IV Acetaminophen is frequently employed as one of the drugs in this scheme.

    Some people believe in giving it before incision. Some people give it close to the end of the case. Some people do both if the case goes long enough.

    My knowledge of Spanish is insufficient to give a good answer here but maybe my explanation of the above will help one of you all nail it down.
  6. Ziltoid New Member

    Español, Chile
    Thanks Evan.. I appreciate your explanation, now I have a clear understanding about it
    I hope experts speak out

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