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    Hola todos!

    I have a question about the translation of the phrase "preferred synchronization options" as in "set your preferred synchronization options and press next"

    My attempt was "Opciones de syncronización preferidas" my coworker says it should be "opciones de syncronización preferida" (without an S at the end of preferida). Wouldn´t the adjective "preferidas" be modifying the "opciones" which are plural? Also, is preferidas the correct word choice here?

    Thank you very much!
  2. micafe

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    I agree with you. "preferred" is modifying "options", not "synchronization". Therefore, in the translation into Spanish the adjective has to be in the plural because the noun, "options" is in the plural. Your coworker is wrong.

    "Preferidas" is fine.

  3. justin.cherveny New Member

    Thank you very much micafe!
  4. Bark

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    Completely agree. I would say "Preferencias de sincronización" or "Opciones preferidas de sincronización" but your sentence is also correct.

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