Preguntas en Objeto Directo e Indirecto

Brett Goshorn

Australia - English
Hi Guys,

I'm doing these exercises on direct and indirect objects for my Spanish class and I'm finding it confusing, and I'd appreciate any help that you'd be kind enough to give me.

I'm having trouble piecing together the following example that I've been given:

A. ¿Te ha dado Rosa el dinero?
B. No, a mí no me lo ha dado.

I think it means the following. Can you please tell me if I'm correct.

A. Have you given Rosa the money?
B. No, I haven't given it to her.

Is that correct?


  • belén

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    Spanish, Spain, Catalan, Mallorca
    Hi Brett,

    Actually, it is the other way around:
    Has Rosa given you the money?
    No, she hasn't given it to me

    "No, a mi no me lo ha dado" is short for "no, a mi ella (Rosa) no me lo ha dado" as you know in Spanish we don't use the pronouns so much.

    Hope it helps, there are some threads about the CD and CI in this forum that maybe you can make a search for and get more info!!

    Good luck,



    Muchas gracias Bel. Les buscaré (I will search for them).

    talking about OI e OD this is a typical mistake, I will search for them = Los buscaré, dont say les, tu buscaras mas ejemplos es decir los buscaras, dont worry lots of spaniards get it wrong mainly in the north, its called "leismo".