prejudices de carrière


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The phrase that's giving me trouble is "prejudices de carrière subis"

But I'm not sure exactly what this means in the context...

I'm history student in France and reading about the personnel in the French Foreign Ministry (Quai d'Orsay) during the Vichy regime who were then purged in 1944-1945.

"Retrancher du corps ceux de ses membres dont l'attitude pendant cette période ne pouvait pas être admise n'était toutefois pas suffisant. Il fallait encore, mesure élémentaire de justice, réparer les préjudices de carrière subis du fait du gouvernement de Vichy."

This sounds to me like the author is saying that it was necessary to repair the harms done to careers because of the Vichy gov't, but that doesn't make sense to me given the context. Is this another sense of the word "carrière" other than an individual's professional career?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Is it possible the two sentences refer to two different groups? The vichy-ites were 'retrenched' (UK Civil Service term too!) and the Gaullists were compensated (reparés) for any career damage they may have suffered under Vichy, perhaps, by sliding into those recently vacated seats?
    The second sentence would then be irony.


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    That makes perfect sense! I don't know why that was so difficult to grasp for me, but thank you very much!
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