prendere a palle di sabbia

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Hello everyone!
I've stuck on the phrase (or, maybe, reality). But - the context first: spring of 1947, italian beach, two boys in short pants, white shirts, sandals and socks. Home is 2 hrs away, so they're not getting really dirty.
The phrase is: "[Name], appena mi vede, mi prende a palle di sabbia". What are those "palle di sabbia"? What are they for? Some kind of game - like pétanque? Fight? (Hope not, because they're in white shirts.) Building castles? (How? Without getting into water?) Or is it just "play ball" (football, volleyball)?
Thanks for suggestions.
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    As for prendere a..., it's ideomatic for (by and large) hitting someone with...

    - prendere a schiaffi, a pugni (to slap, to punch);
    - prendere a male parole (to insult, to call somebody names);
    - prendere a palle di neve/sabbia etc. (throwing snow/sand balls at somebody)

    So: as soon as he saw me, [name] started to throw sand balls at me.
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