prendre un bouillon

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Dutch (Frisian) and French
Hello everyone,
I'm struggling for the following translation:
It's a farmer talking about experiments he makes in his tillage practices, it represents a big risk because a poor crop establishment means less money at the end.
So he says "le problème, c'est qu'on est seul, on essaye et quand on se prend un bouillon, on dit "bon attends, on va rester un peu au calme" et puis on n'avance pas."
Prendre un bouillon means having a bad yield, but I was wondering if there is another expression I could use?

My attempt so far: "the problem is that we're all alone, so when we try out and have a bad yield, we say "ok, wait, I'll stay quiet for a little while now" and then you don't make any progress".

Thanks a lot!
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