prends soin de toi, ma petite puce adorée

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  1. Lacey Anderson New Member

    USA, English
    please, i am lost in this website...I am american and a very dear french friend of mine said to me "Prend soin de toi ma petite puce adoree" Please help me...what does this mean in english? He is too shy to tell me, I think
  2. lainyn

    lainyn Senior Member

    Canadian English
    Take care of yourself, my little sweatheart? cupcake? <insert term of endearment>
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  3. Lacey Anderson New Member

    USA, English
    Merci beaucoup Madame!

    Je parle un peu de francais parisienne, mais je viens de Louisiane, et nous parlons different que vous! Je pense que vous etes raison! Merci
  4. sarahside New Member

    Canada-French and English
    It means take care of yourself my dear( cus puce is an expression, a slang that cannot be translate in english...)
  5. stayfan New Member

    I'm French, so i speak French!!!
    Hi, that's mean, "take care, my lover honey" but "puce" it's a little insect, a flea, but in English, u never use flea but honey, it's the same definition. And in French, you can use this phrase for a boy/girlfriend and to a very good friend, a best friend!
    Bye bye
  6. Aboubakr23 New Member

    Mostaganem, Algeria
    Arabic & English & French
    "puce" means sim card, but in slang french, means my love, my sweetheart...etc, stuff like that,
    so he tells you, "take care of yourslef my little adored sweetheart"
    nice words. ;)

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