prensa estopa para eje 35

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    Does anyone know how this expression translates to English in a mechanical context? It is taken from an invoice listing various mechanical products purchased, such as bearings, alternator, pulley, starter motor, ring gasket…

    prensa estopa para eje 35

    Muchas Gracias!
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    Prensaestopa para eje 35: packing gland to axle 35''

    Prensaestopa: Aro de material absorbente que se coloca en los ejes de las bombas para evitar las fugas de líquido o gas al exterior.

    Packing gland: A device used to seal around a reciprocating or rotating shaft or spindle. (...). This enables the seal or packing to be tightened to suit the operating conditions and allows subsequent adjustment to account for wear.

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