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    I want to say "...because both men were preoccupied with sex in their works"; the "both men" being referred to are playwright Arthur Schnitzler and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, and I mean that sex is at the forefront of their works, as one of the most important themes; I don't mean preoccupied in the sense of distracted.

    My attempt would be "...weil beide Männer in ihren Werken in Sex vertieft waren." But apparently "vertieft" is the wrong word?
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    Hello Anglo-Greek :)

    This would mean that they were actually doing it...

    My suggestion: "... weil beide Männer sich in ihren Werken stark auf das Thema Sex bezogen".

    Edit in the evening: I'd like to change the word "Sex" (which in German most often refers to the activity of having sex) to "(das Thema) Sexualität".
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