Prepare someone vs Get/make someone ready


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Hi there
I would appreciate it if you let me know which choice sounds natural in the examples below and which one doesn't and why:

1. No need to worry. This course will ................... for the exam.

a. prepare you
b. get you ready
c. make you ready

2. He's really been a successful coach and now, he's ............................ for the competitions.

a. prepare his team
b. getting his team ready
c. making his team ready

Kindly enlighten me.
Thank you.
  • Chez

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    All three possibilities can be used in both of your examples.

    It's a matter of tone.

    'prepare' is more formal than the other two.

    'get' is fine and would often be used in spoken language, but 'get' is often considered an overused and not very descriptive verb in writing or more formal circumstances.

    'make' is fine, but sounds slightly old-fashioned - 'get' has tended to replace 'make' in modern spoken language (in this context).

    In 1) it sounds like it could be in a leaflet explaining about the exam course, and I would tend to use 'prepare'.

    In 2) I might use one of the others because it sounds more conversational.

    But it's a matter of personal choice.


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    2a does not work - it is the wrong form of the verb "prepare".
    I got confused Paul. 🙄 What is the reason behind it? Why I cannot use it here?
    We can make a preparation in someone and the coach is doing so. Therefore, I wonder what's wrong here?


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    As PaulQ says, the form of the verb is wrong. The verb itself is acceptable.

    He's prepare his team. :cross:
    He's preparing his team.:tick: