Preposition: ... <in, at> <the> hospital? [visitor / patient]

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  1. duden Senior Member

    Hello, can anyone tell me what´s the difference between "in hospital" and "at hospital"? May I use the definite article in both of these phrases? Thank you
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    In the United States, we usually say in the hospital and at the hospital. A person is at the hospital when he is physically on the premises of the hospital. A person who is in the hospital is a patient at that facility.
  3. spielenschach Senior Member

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    Jack had an accident last week. He was taken to hospital
    He is still in hospital now (as a patient)
    Jill hs gone to the hospital to visit jack.
    She is at the hospital now (as a visitor)
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    I couldn't have said it better myself.

  5. duden Senior Member

    Thank you for your replies, I have on more question - when I say a sentence in the present perfect tense, shall I say then (when I am a patient): "I have never been in hospital" or "I have never been to hospital"? Or is the present perfect always connected with the preposition "to" in sentences like these?
  6. spielenschach Senior Member

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    I have never been in hospital (as a patient)
    I have never been at hospital (as a visitor of a patient)
    I have never been to hospital with the same sense ? I have never been to Paris
  7. JamesM

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    One possibility is "I've never been hospitalized before."
  8. mp815 Member


    "I've never been hospitalized." or "I've never been in the hospital..." are both correct ways to say that you've never been put in a hospital as a patient.

    If you want to say that you've never visited a hospital for any reason you could say "I've never been to a hospital." Or "I've never been in a hospital (before)."

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