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Hello everybody,

I've come across two versions of the same idea:

"I want you to be on my team" and "I want you to be in my team".

Thank you for helping me with this!
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    If you go to SE England, Hese, be sure to say “in the team”. (Although we would of course recognise “on the team” especially if it were said with an American accent!)


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    Very interesting thread! :)
    I was taught in school to use "in the team", and didn't realize it is often "on the team" in the U.S. before.
    English is interesting.


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    Another perspective, irrespective of BE or AE:

    I work in a team of Realtors.
    I work on a team of Realtors.

    Which one sounds correct?

    I would say the first one.

    When team is used to mean "group", "in" would seem more appropriate. Compare "in a group" to "on a group".
    When team is used to mean "team roster", "on" would seem more appropriate.
    When team is interpreted as "roster", I believe it could also be interpreted as "group", but not vice versa.

    So in general, "in" would always seem to be grammatically correct, while "on" would seem grammatically correct only when "team" can be interpreted as "roster".


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    They are both correct depending on the context of your conversation!
    American speakers say 'on a team'.
    British speakers say 'in a team'.


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