(preposition + the place) where I live


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(1) This is where I live.
(2) Stay where I live.

I think (1) means "This is the place where I live" and (2) means "Stay in the place where I live".
Am I right?

In (1), I thought the where was a fused relative word and the antecedent fused into it was "the place".

How about (2) then? Is the where in (2) also a fused relative word whose antecedent is "in the place"?

EDIT: Let me rephrase my question so it might be easier to answer.

(1') This is the place [where I live].
(2') Stay in the place [where I live].

Both in (1') and (2') I think the antecedent of where is the place. Am I right?

Now I understand (1) is equivalent in meaning to (1') because the fused relative word where in (1) can be said to have the antecedent the place within.

In (2'), on the other hand, the antecedent is the place, not in the place.
Is it correct, then, to say that the fused relative word where in (2) has the antecedent in the place or just the place within?
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