present perfect + past time adjuncts

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  1. Ariel Knightly

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    I'd like to know what native speakers think of the following sentence:

    We have already discussed it yesterday.

    I found it in The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, in which Huddleston defends its grammaticality. He says that "the already indicates that I'm concerned with the occurence of the situation of our discussing it within a time-span up to now and cancels the normally excluding effect of yesterday." Who else would also produce such a sentence?
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    See the thread below for discussion on present perfect + yesterday. I would never say this sentence and I am sure nor would any native speaker.

    Grammatically incorrect. Yesterday is an expression of past time, which therefore cannot be used with the Present Perfect(to show some relation between the past and the present)
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    I would never say this sentence either.
  4. Jinsey New Member

    Never do I say such sentence.

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