Present perfect vs past simple

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When I was watching "Divergent" with English subtitle, I noticed few conversations.The conversations are as follows: "It was a choosing ceremony day for Beatrice (the main character).So she climbed up the bridge with other guys.She was standing by the side of the train lines on the bridge and suddenly a train is coming towards them.Everyone started running with the train and getting on the train compartments.At last Beatric started running with the train, after few attempts, she managed to board on the last compartment and looked down to see that there was no space for running.As she boarded the compartment, inside the compartment, a girl says "you made it.I'm Christina.and so on".The conversation continues. This is the context:

I know that present perfect is used in British-English such as "You have made it" and past simple used in American-English such as "You made it" for actions just completed.I also know that both British and American use simple past if the actions not just completed such as "You made it (this bag) at home in 2015. Now my question is:

Am I correct to say that the present perfect tense (you have made it) has no boundaries.the event in present perfect tense may happen again and again and past simple tense (you made it) has a boundary.once the event happened, It stopped there, may not happen again and it can not cross the boundary? I have tried my best level. Plese, get me clear.
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    It's a common informal expression which in my experience tends to be used mainly in the simple past - "You made it!" or "I made it!". I suppose it's because it describes an action or series of actions which have just been successfully completed in spite of difficulties.

    I wouldn't think it odd if someone said "You've made it!" using the perfect tense, but it just tends to sound more natural in the simple past. I wouldn't try to analyse it too much if I were you. :)
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