present simple for an arranged event.


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Present simple for an arranged event.

1.tomorrow I fly to Brazil.

2.I start school/tennis classes/the course next week.

To my mind,these sentences are correct in terms of grammar,but I don't really know if they sound natural to a native's ears; I would use the present progressive instead, but my grammar book insists on that structure being suitable and sort of "common" for a future plan that is completely arranged. What do natives think about that statement?
Thanks a lot!
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    Your sentences are fine, although I suspect they are more likely to be written than found in conversation.

    I think your grammar book is weird.

    I've never heard of the "completely arranged" qualification.

    I could certainly say, "I'm flying to San José tomorrow" and there's nothing more completely arranged than a non-refundable airline ticket.:rolleyes:


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    Tomorrow I fly to Brazil. It sounds rather dramatic, doesn't it? I feel like using an exclamation mark there: Tomorrow I fly to Brazil!
    Yes, that one is more likely to be found in writing.

    Apart from the first example, my personal preferences don't seem to follow much of a rule.

    The "completely arranged" scenario seems to fit this one, where we're talking about a programme:
    School/the course starts next week.

    With these I could happily use either, both in speech and in writing:
    I start/I'm starting work at the local library next Monday
    My little boy starts school/is starting school next week.

    For speech I think I prefer this one:
    I'm starting tennis lessons next week


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    Yes, "completely arranged" is not clear.
    We use the present continuous to refer to a future event that is arranged or agreed.
    We use the simple present to refer to a future event that is arranged without our input into the decision. Tomorrow I fly to Brazil makes it sound like I am being sent there as a compulsory part of my job; but there are other possible senses in which the journey might not be entirely within my control.
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