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    ¿Les parece que esta segunda parte del resumen pudiera quedar así?

    En la presente revisión monográfica abordaré el tema desde una perspectiva
    tecnológica y pedagógica, incidiendo, como de costumbre, en el valor que estos novedosos desarrollos de la Web 2.0 pudieran tener en diferentes situaciones reales de enseñanza-aprendizaje con alumnos de Secundaria y Bachillerato. Los temas a tratar serán:
    - Presentaciones, estilos cognitivos y netgens.
    - Presentaciones "on-line" y redes sociales educativas.
    - Herramientas web para diseñar y compartir presentaciones.
    -Propuesta didáctica para el uso efectivo de las presentaciones on-line.

    In the present monographic review I will approach the issue from a technological and pedagogical view insisting, as usual, on the value that these new developments of the web 2.0 might have in real learning-teaching situations with Secondary and Upper Secondary students. The subjects to deal with will be:
    ·Presentations, cognitive styles and netgens.
    ·Online presentations and educational social networks.
    ·Web tools to develop and share presentations.
    ·Didactic approach for the effective use of online presentations.

    Gracias de nuevo por la molestia.
    Un saludo.

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    U.S.A. (English)
    I would say "insisting, as usual, that the value..."

    Also, I don't know what you're trying to get across but "In the present monographic review" does not sound good to me. Maybe you could say "This monographic review" or "This current monographic review." However, I do not know if this is right in the context, it just sounds better to me.

    I would say" "on the value these new developments of the web 2.0 might have regarding real learning-teaching sitatuions..."

    "The subjects to deal with will be" also sounds a little strange. Maybe you could say "The subjects that will be dealt with will be"

    I hope I helped you! I can tell this was a difficult text to translate! Good luck.
  3. peromato95 New Member

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. I do not usually translate texts from Spanish into English but this was a request from a colleague of mine who has to include a summary in English and French as header to an article for a specialized magazine.
    I find it particularly difficult too but I've tried to translate the content as faithfully as possible.

    It will be easier with your contribution.

    Thanks again.

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