Presentar un examen de Maestria

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  1. Cookies New Member

    Mexico City
    Cual es la forma correcta de decir: "Presente mi examen de Maestria"
  2. dinis Senior Member

    usa english
    If by MAESTRIA you mean a MASTER'S DEGREE (similar to a licenciatura), you would say " I TOOK MY MASTER'S EXAM(S) (which here may be both oral and written).
  3. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    En esta zona de los EU, los examenes de maestria son "Comprehensive Exams", lo cual todo mundo abrevia como comps.

    I took my Master's comps last week and I think I did well.

  4. yardmanmx New Member

    you could say i did my master's, then you could finish by explaining in what area o subject

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