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    Two teachers were talking about some comments that arise from some students in an educational environment. There are either negative or positive comments from those students about certain topic.

    "...before the negavite comments arise I think you need to be your own best press advocate. People need to know if their coming your class that their going to have a good time..."

    What does "press advocate" mean?

    Thank you!
  2. bibliolept

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    Note that it should be "they're" and not "there."

    This dialog is a bit fractured and is not "good" English. "Press agent" means something like "public relations agent": he is suggesting that the man promote himself or sell himself, try to convince people that his class will be fun, sing his own praises.
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    "Press advocate" is also strange to me in this context, particularly since there are no news media involved. Just strking "press" will work.

    The International Press Telecommunications Council was founded to be an advocate for the "press" to government telecommunications monopolies around the world, but that's a totally different usage.
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    I agree, I would use something like 'your own PR man'.:)

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