presse à brique

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  1. lucerna Senior Member

    spain, native of Spanish
    Hi there!

    Can we say brick press? I haven't got a clue about how it works and the contex says only that this thing "n'exige pas de cuisson".

    My try: we obtain bricks by means of a brick press which doesn't take/ need/ require any baking

    Any brick buffs out there?

    Many thanks
  2. SwissPete

    SwissPete Senior Member

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    Français (CH), AE (California)
  3. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    earth block press
  4. baker589 Senior Member

    English - England
    Unless earth block press is the technical term, I would say brick press is more likely to be understood than the suggestions, when given with the context.
  5. lucerna Senior Member

    spain, native of Spanish
    Hey, that really was lighting-fast.

    Thanks so much guys!

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