pressing the question upon him

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The quote is from The Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy.

Please find Bennymix's post which gives sequence for a reference.

Before he -reddleman- told Eustacia stop seeing Wildeve so Wildeve will marry Thomasin. But Eustacia did not accept. On the way back to his place he saw Thomasin's aunt. Most probably she is on her own way request Wildeve marry her niece Thomasin.

What does it mean "press the question"?
Press for an answer?

Could you explain it for me, Thanks.

She did not conceal the fact. "Then," said the reddleman, "you may as well leave it alone, Mrs. Yeobright."
"I half think so myself," she said. "But nothing else remains to be done besides pressing the question upon him."
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    The question here means the issue - whether he should continue his relationship with Thomasin. It's not quite a question which needs an answer.

    So to press the question upon him means to repeatedly tell him that he must stop seeing Thomasin.
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