Pressure-sentenced plot

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    Hola, nuevamente pidiendo ayuda en esta comunidad...

    Me encuentro traduciendo un reoprte final de inspección de ductos, estoy en una sección llamada Pressure-sentenced plot y viene un gráfico acompañando el resultado de la inspección. Lo que no me queda claro es como el "pressure-sentenced" actúa en la frase.

    ¿"Comportamiento de la presión" quizá?
    Gracias de antemano por la ayuda
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    Creo que serviría un poco más de contexto, además estás pidiendo ayuda en inglés técnico, es un poco más complicado
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    OK this is a wild surmise.

    A plot is a graph
    A sentence is a short description of something
    Pipelines have to be measured regularly for indications of pressure loss or excess

    Could it be that when a worker detects an anomaly, he or she fills in a form (writes a sentence) describing the problem.
    Later when the fault has been investigated with sophisticated data collection equipment, a full report (rather than just a sentence) is prepared.

    Does this fit in with your context?
  4. Intachable New Member

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    Yes Spodulike, you are right...I-m going to try to describe the complete process...

    There is a instrument (equipped with a special software) that is run inside a pipeline in order to find if there is any kind of damage (corrosion, metal loss, etc.). After this run is completed, all the data is recovered an analyze the possible damages and if theres any, make some calculations in order to find out if that damages are dangerous for the pipeline (risk of explosion, basically). Is a very complex text; but I could understand it (I'm a oil engineer); there is a plot that shows the damages that the inspection instrument found inside of a section of a pipeline (that is the "pressure sentenced plot"). What really confueses me is that when I read all the text I realized that there is not any mention of the pressure beside the title of it...
    I have already submitted the information to our client (unfortunately, I don't have it handy), and I used another sentence that can be useful to whoever read the text (with a certain amount of knowledge). But I still feel that even when what I wrote is perfectly understandable, my translation is not 100% the other hand, the author of the text is a Russian engineer...maybe that is the main problem!!!...
    Thanks your help.
    (please, if anyone found some mistakes in my english, please feel free to correct me)

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