Prestador Intermediario

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by sharkie, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Muy Buen Dia Foreross!!

    Estoy traduciendo una Norma Oficial Mexicana y tengo duda sobre las siguientes traducciones.. De antemano Muchas Gracias.

    Prestador Intermediario= Intermediary Provisioner
    Norma Oficial Mexicana= Mexican Official Regulation
  2. Iuris Tantum

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    Mexican Spanish
    podrías dar mas contexto? de que habla la norma?
  3. sharkie Member

    Estoy traduciendo apenas el capitulo de definiciones, y menciona a un Prestador Intermediario como: una persona fisica o moral que, independientemente del acto juridico que celebre, preste los servicios de tiempo compartido en bienes inmbuebles respecto de los cuales carece de derechos de propiedad o disposicion.
  4. Iuris Tantum

    Iuris Tantum Banned

    Mexican Spanish
  5. sharkie Member

    claro, es la norma NOM-029-SCFI-2010.

  6. pachanga7 Senior Member

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    Hm, are you not talking about someone selling "time shares" in real estate?
  7. jackcaminante New Member

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    Prestador means provider in this sense.

    I am also trying to translate the phrase in the context of Spanish law on E-commerce 34/2002.

    A prestador intermediario is someone, such as a business, who connects a customer to a service provider. Informally, they are a "middleman" or "go-between" but the difficulty is finding a term which is formal enough to be used in the legal context. I think "Intermediary Provider" is sadly the best bet.

    Depending on the context/business, "Platform provider" works for me as the company is a place where clients and professionals are connected.
  8. David

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    One sentence from the original, including the term in question, would provide a contextual basis for translation. Otherwise, we are all guessing at whether we are talking about an "intermediary lender," a service provider or a tunafish.

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