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What is the usual name for "prestataires", e.g. engineers that are not really on the payroll of a company, but are - sometimes for a long period of time - indirectly hired through "travail temporaire" companies?
I need to say "I've met four engineers, among which X & Y were prestataires only".
Many companies, in France, don't hire "in-house" engineers, but instead hire temporary people from specialized companies (Altran, etc.)
Often, they do so not because the job is a one-shot task, but because laying off unused task force is considered too complex in France.
The result is that many large companies have such "prestataires" who have been working for years with them - still not on the payroll...
Thanks for any help!
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    Quelque chose comme "service providers" ou "xxx providers" ?

    A noter que le terme "prestations" peuvent être traduit par "claims" (contexte: assurance/réassurance) --> "claimants" ?


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    Hunternet: yes, there are hired by a "service provider" - but how are they called (or how do they refer to themselves) within the company?...
    Crope_jnr [Junior?...]: Yep - and rings a bell as well. Do you think contract engineer feel natural? (I had discarded contracting XXX before, but yours is much better)

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    Yes, I'd call them that. We just called them contracts where I used to work (the people, as well as the paperwork.)

    This reminds me of the CDI/CDD discussions.