pretend that he <overlooked> Sara dancing

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He tried to pretend that he overlooked Sara dancing with a good-looking man.

Does it make sense?
If not, could any of you make it more natural?
  • kentix

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    I don't think overlooked is the right word. "Hadn't seen" would fit much better.


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    How does one "try to pretend" something? Surely one just pretends. Pretending is still pretending even when it is unsuccessful.

    He pretended to overlook that...

    Actually, I'm not sure "overlook" is the best word for this. I'd say he pretended not to notice that...
    "Overlooked" is clearly wrong here. The question then becomes what verb, and what tense, would be most natural. However, the intended meaning is not immediately clear. I suspect that what is really meant may be "He tried to pretend that he didn't notice Sara dancing with a good-looking man."


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    I agree that it should be "He pretended not to see/notice..."

    I don't think "pretend + -ing" works here; it would mean "He made an attempt to pretend he didn't see/notice Sara dancing".
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