pretty as you please

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"So Miss Blandina, she brushes away Kees Bayard," said Femmie. "Pretty as you please."
"With those fine, fine shoulders of his," erupted Maaje. She was the greenest of them, and had known Kees in her school classes. Had a sweetness for him, in fact.

The Orphanmaster (a novel) by Jean Zimmerman

What does the idiom 'pretty as you please' mean?
Please help. Thank you.
  • velisarius

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    British English (Sussex)
    "Pretty as you please" is used here to qualify "brushes away", so it means roughly "in the most charming way". There is though a hint of reproach, because Femmie, who is speaking, doesn't seem to approve of this action of Miss Blandina.

    Normally "pretty as you please" means "extremely pretty": "She sat there in her new dress, as pretty as you please" (or, as pretty as can be.)
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