pretzel/salt/salty/salted sticks?


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See the photo for what I mean.
What are these called in English-speaking countries?
On Walmart's site they seem to be called "pretzel sticks", and there's quite a lot of hits for that on google as well.
However, one of these products on Walmart is also called "salty sticks", and I also seem to remember seeing "salted sticks" on the packaging of such a product (don't know the country of origin though).

So what's the truth? :)



  • velisarius

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    British English (Sussex)
    I think "prezels" have a characteristic shape, so if they are stick-shaped it would be confusing to call them just "prezels".



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    English - U.S.
    Salty Sticks might be a brand name of pretzel sticks made by only one specific company. Generally they are called pretzel sticks.

    You little ripper!

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    Australian English
    The dictionary definition of pretzel is a usually crisp, dry biscuit, typically in the form of a knot or stick. The original pretzel may have started out as a knot but the stick version is just as popular nowadays. I suppose it is best to be specific.
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