prevenire oggi per salvaguardare domani

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by catb, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. catb Senior Member

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    Hello Forum.

    I'm translating a company website and their motto is:

    Prevenire oggi per salvaguardare il domani

    I've attempted with:

    Prevent today to safeguard tomorrow.

    Does anybody have a better suggestion?
  2. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

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    Please provide context. What type of company is this and what do they do?
  3. catb Senior Member

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    They are a paper company which makes materials which come into contact with foodstuffs.
  4. london calling Senior Member

    Cat, "prevent today" sounds a bit strange to my ears (but maybe it's just me).;) How about something like this:

    Today's prevention is tomorrow's safeguard.

    That probably sounds weird as well, doesn't it!:D
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  5. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    Hi catb - This would probably sound better in English with nouns instead of verbs:

    Prevention today for safety tomorrow.

    Hi Jo - crossposted - I see we're thinking along the same lines. This is not an easy one.
  6. catb Senior Member

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    After reading all your suggestions... how about....

    Prevention today for safeguarding tomorrow.

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