Prevention is better than cure

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    I am shortly to give a presentation at the French Lifeboat Service (SNSM) conference, talking about 'preventative' activities, that is trying to get recreational boaters to be aware of the risks to be found at sea, and to thus prevent incidents. In the UK we (the RNLI) have a well established programme.

    My theme is "Prevention is better than cure" and I am basing this on Benjamin Franklin's quote "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".

    I can't find such a phrase in French - the nearest I can get is "Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir", but that doesn't quite have the same meaning.

    Can anybody help, please?
  2. Ben11

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    "Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir" is the right expression to use, and I believe the meaning is exactly the same than the english version :)
  3. Gloria Ming Senior Member

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    I second this - it means exactly the same thing in French as in English.
  4. chuns New Member

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    Thank you both so much, not just for helping, but for responding so quickly..

    I suppose my real question is "does the long form, 'an ounce of .... etc' exist, and would the short form be recognised as coming from Franklin?"

    I know it is a bit nitty-picky, but I'm keen to do it right.
  5. Gloria Ming Senior Member

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    Sorry, I can't answer this as I had never even heard the full expression before in English, and did not know that it was a quote from Franklin. Certainly I have never heard it said here, but a French person would be better placed to answer.
  6. ajparis Senior Member

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    On Google I find several occurrences of "Une once de prévention vaut une livre de traitement." The word traitement is the only part that sounds non-18th century. Why not leave it at that and mention Franklin, who may well have shared this gem during his stay in France?

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