prevent'st (Shakespeare)

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    Hi, i've found today the next words in a shakespeare poem and i don't know the meaning of this:


    that st, i'd like to know what for it was used, thanks!
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    It's the "thou" form of the verb prevent. If it's still not clear, could you write the entire sentence? That might help to make better sense of it.

    I prevent
    We prevent
    You prevent
    Thou prevent'st
    He/She prevents
    They prevent

    Of course, in most places "thou" is quite uncommon and considered archaic.
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    Como ha dicho Unspecified, se utilizaría para conjugar los verbos en la segunda persona singular (thou), un conjugación que ya no se usa en la mayor parte del mundo de habla inglesa.

    thou eatest
    thou openest
    thou lovest
    thou preventest

    Pero en el habla diaria se contraían a veces:

    thou eat'st
    thou open'st
    thou lov'st
    thou prevent'st

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