previo gradimento della presidenza

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Hi, please, help me to translate this: "previo gradimento della presidenza". I think that "previo" can be translated with "excepted"; but I really don't know how to translate "gradimento della presidenza". I am translating the Articles of an association.
  • k_georgiadis

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    "Subject to the approval of the presidency," however a little more context would be helpful because it could also be translated as "subject to the acceptance of the presidency" if you are referring to certain rights/privileges/duties/responsibilities that come into effect once the person accepts his/her nomination as president.

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    "previo" can be translated with "excepted"; :cross:
    previo can be translated with "prior to" or "before" or maybe more precisely "by the time that..."
    gradimento in this context means acceptance or agreement.

    So I think that a possible translation of your sentence could be "by the time that the headmaster will agree"

    Edit. Surely the form "subject to" of k_georgiadis to render previo is more adequate. :)
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